Quantitative research is used to derive insight about a client’s target audience: their behaviours (what they do) and attitudes (how they feel).

  • We offer bespoke, online surveys using the latest technologies in survey software.
  • We maximise response rates through effective communications and an optimised survey experience.
  • We apply learning from our Ashridge Holmes Value Model, devising survey questions that elicit views on relevancy and value.

Find out how your organisation compares to others

The breadth of work we carry out in the membership sector makes it possible for us to anonymously benchmark research findings against other membership survey results, and relate them to the results of our Member Engagement Surveys.

Insight and analysis

We apply a high level of attention to detail when carrying out statistical analysis of survey results, maintaining a focus on the objectives of the research and gathering valuable insight to inform our trusted recommendations.

This insight may be used to inform strategies, make plans or set key performance indicators for an organisation’s departments.